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  • About us

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    Beijing Fuda Bamboo and Wood Handicraft Co., Ltd. has developed into the largest group enterprise with one-stop production, supply and marketing in China. The Group is a bamboo product manufacturing enterprise which integrates production, research and development and sales. Enterprises mainly produce and sell various specifications of iron running strings, bamboo sticks, racket strings, round sticks, flat sticks and so on, and according to the different needs of customers, research and development of hot-stamped bamboo sticks, printed iron running strings and different types of bamboo sticks. It is suitable for meat, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables.

    Our products are made from bamboo forests of high quality in forest areas for more than 4 years. The quality of products is excellent and the types are complete. After the special treatment of raw materials such as high temperature cooking, they have the advantages of mildew resistance, moth prevention, good color, high hardness and strong practicability. In recent years, they have been sold well in domestic and foreign markets, especially in Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries.

    We are guided by the business philosophy of "quality for survival, reputation for development". Wish to cooperate with customers sincerely with the newer technology, higher quality and better service, and work hand in hand to create the future!