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  • Bamboo gun skewer


    Commodity brand: Fuda

    Product Name: Bamboo gun skewer

    Product specifications: 15CM-30CM

    Product use: barbecue string, Oden, stinky tofu, etc.

    Commodity quality: smooth and burr-free, food signs are processed by high temperature cooking, carefully selected, good color, no mildew, and no chemical residue. Products are exported to Japan, Europe and other countries and regions.

    Note: Before using the iron cannon, please soak it in boiling water to avoid the bamboo stick being too dry and catching fire or breaking during the barbecue. Do not use too much force during the barbecue food to avoid stabbing yourself or your neighbors. Iron cannon string, do not string too much (generally 2/3 is best), so as not to be partially cooked when grilled, and some are not cooked; in addition, it is easy to burn your hands.

    National Service Hotline: 010-61269996