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  • Buy a non-toxic and harmless barbecue bamboo stick to promote health

    Buy a non-toxic and harmless barbecue bamboo stick to promote health

    Tips for buying a barbecue bamboo stick

    The material of the vessel is stable and does not react with the food supplier of the bamboo shooter equipment, and does not spill harmful substances.

    The thick bottom is better than the thin bottom, because the heat spread is more uniform, it is not easy to burn food.

    According to this condition, the more ambitious materials are ceramics, corrugated and glass.

    For metal selection, high-density pig iron should be selected. If it does not contain graphite surface layer, it should be excellent stainless steel and excellent enamel.

    When cooking with cast iron utensils, do not put other acidic foods such as lemon, balo, tomato, vinegar or bamboo stick equipment, otherwise the food will be black and have a metallic odor.

    Remember to pour the cooked food to another dish immediately after cooking with metalware to prevent the food from being stained with metal.

    As for aluminum utensils, defective stainless steel, thin enamel, easy-to-clean sputum, etc., harmful substances are released during cooking, and they are prevented from being used as much as possible. The aluminum released from aluminum vessels has been based on damage to the nervous system and other health concerns.