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  • The danger of repeated use of barbecue bamboo sticks

    The danger of repeated use of barbecue bamboo sticks

    Don't say that this small and detailed barbecue bamboo stick is very common in our lives. Can you know if the repeated use of barbecue bamboo sticks on barbecue bamboo sticks is harmful to health? Jiangxi Nanyu Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. Talk about the dangers of repeated use of this barbecue bamboo stick.

    Barbecue bamboo sticks are used repeatedly, endangering human health. The snack bar that we usually use, most of them will use the barbecue bamboo stick to be used repeatedly. The repeated use of the barbecue bamboo stick may become a "hotbed" of germs. Repeated use of barbecue bamboo sticks has many health hazards. Even after high temperature treatment, there is a high possibility of residual bacteria. The barbecued bamboo stick with bacteria will pose a serious threat to the health of the diners. Severe cases may lead to E. coli infection in the food, cause various digestive diseases, and may also infect infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis A and dysentery.