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  • Why is the barbecue bamboo stick burned?

    Why is the barbecue bamboo stick burned?

    Why is the barbecue bamboo stick burned?

    When operating barbecue products, most shop owners use disposable bamboo sticks. If the barbecue technique is not skilled, the bamboo stick may be blown.

    The way to avoid burning bamboo sticks is simple: once you find a fire, immediately remove the food quickly and wait until the flame disappears to continue the barbecue.

    The main reason for the fire is that the oil on the food drops on the red carbon and burns. Some friends liked it when they saw the flame, and immediately put the food on it. This is very bad, not only easy to burn the bamboo stick, but also very unhealthy.

    Of course, the food is often flipped during the barbecue process, which also reduces the possibility of burning the bamboo stick. The food is baked on the charcoal fire for a long time, the temperature is too high, and it is easy to paste: the bamboo stick is also easy to be baked. Frequent flipping can evenly heat food and bamboo sticks.

    If the charcoal is too hot, you need to temporarily remove the food and wait until the food is slightly cooled before continuing to bake.

    The bamboo sticks are soaked in water before use, which also reduces the possibility of the bamboo stick being blown.