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  • Bamboo stick production process

    Bamboo stick production process

    The sawing machine is used to saw the original bamboo into the required length. It is mainly composed of a frame, a motor, a saw blade and a transmission mechanism. The saw blade can use a common saw blade or an alloy saw.

    The broken bamboo machine is used to cut the sawn bamboo. The number of cuts depends on the width of the required bamboo. Therefore, the broken bamboo machine is equipped with a number of tools, according to the requirements of the product and the size of the bamboo, the use of different tools, requiring a convenient and fast tool change.

    The opening machine can go to the raised section of the bamboo outside garden, go to the blue machine to let the bamboo piece pass the upper and lower knives, remove the outer bamboo green and the inner layer of bamboo yellow, and make the bamboo piece.

    The wire drawing machine is an important and more common equipment in bamboo processing. It is generally composed of a frame, three motors, a feed wheel, a cutter and a transmission system. The versatility of the molding machine is good, and only need to change the tool to meet the requirements of different products.

    The wire sawer cuts the drawn bamboo wire into the required length and then places it on the polishing machine.

    The sharpener is a tool.